Friends! Delicious human specimens who have supported us on our journey together as The Boxettes! I am writing to you with news that after months of careful deliberation, The Boxettes have made the decision to part ways and pursue our respective musical ventures. I know that a lot of you are going to be sad about this decision, and in many ways we too are sad to end a project we all held so dear to our hearts. BUT, we really want you all to know that The Boxettes are feeling strong and positive about this move, and are still as close friends as we ever have been.

The past six years has been the most extraordinary journey for us. The Boxettes were always completely independent. We didn’t have a record label or a manager behind us; every single thing that we achieved, from performing main stages at festivals across the world, to running workshops in the slums of Mumbai, to jamming with the tibetan Gyuto monks… we did all of that on our own. And the reason it was possible for us to make that happen, was because of you. All of you, who have supported and believed in us over the years.

So THANK YOU! Thank you from the bottom, top and all sides of our hearts. We are so proud of what we achieved, and all of you played a part in that.

“So what next?” I hear you ask. Well, new and exciting things are cooking in all five corners of the Boxette pentacle, and I don’t doubt you’ll be hearing things from all angles if you haven’t already. Keep your ear holes to the ground, and your toes dipped into the notion.

Who knows… after a few years apart perhaps we will have a whirlwind reprisal. And perhaps not.

If you need to/would like to get in touch, you can go to my own (Bellatrix) Facebook page or Twitter and I will pass on messages to the girlies.

Facebook: Twitter: @Bellatrix_Music Tumblr: Gratitude, Beats, and a whole load of Love, from The Boxettes. xx